Ascent Bicycle Studio Workshops

Ascent Bicycle Studio Complimentary Bicycle Workshops

Pt. 1 of 3 (Jan 16th- March 13th)

We are proud to offer free workshops on various bicycle related topics! Over a course of nine weeks we want to share our knowledge about bicycle maintenance, athlete performance tips, in-race nutrition, triathlon tips, Bicycle Safety and Skills Clinics from your local professionals. Come in and learn bicycle maintenance, pro-tips, and insight for your coming 2017 road, MTB or Triathlon season.

Starting Monday January 16th, we will be hosting workshops over various topics every Monday @ 6:15pm. Workshops will vary in topic, as listed below, and details will be posted in our FB event as well as our website! In January, we will be focusing our attention to bicycle maintenance and the technical aspect of keeping your bike safely working. Come join us as Kristopher Macalinao, lead tech and co-owner of Ascent Bicycle Studio, goes through the intricacies of how to properly maintain and fix your bicycle!

Workshops will be held every Monday @ 6:15pm at Ascent Bicycle Studio unless location is specified otherwise. Workshop length will be about an hour including a short 10 minute Q&A. They will be taught in a demonstration style environment on in-store bikes. Please do not bring your own bicycle for the purpose of these workshops. We simply don't have working space to accommodate everyone.

Classes are free to the public. Small refreshments will be provided. We encourage everyone to bring in writing material to take notes and increase their learning experience!

Donations are gladly appreciated and accepted to help keep wonderful events like this funded and widely available to the cycling community

Series 1, Month of January

Jan. 16th - Bicycle Maintenance and Tune Up

-Safety Check, What to look out for!

-Adjusting Brakes (Road and Triathlon bike)

-Adjusting Front and Rear Der. , What's a limit and this barrel thing?

-Cable Installation (Road and Triathlon bike)

-Proper Pedal installation

-Proper Cleaning and lubrication of moving parts


Jan. 23 - Bicycle Maintenance and Tune-Up Cont.

-Headset Adjustment

-Proper alignment and torque down of bar and stem

-Minor wheel truing

-How to deal with a broken spoke on a ride!

-Flat Fix and Tire slash tips and tricks


Jan. 30th

- Basic rear hub adjustments

- Basic Hub maintenance, minor cleaning and servicing

- MTB brake bleed, Shimano and Sram

- Basic Rear shock oil and Seal servicing


Series 2 will begin in February! It will be athlete performance based and will include guest speaker Michelle Tuttle


** Due to time constraints, some workshop Material may be moved to the next workshop or omitted. Some material maybe expanded on if the class shows more interest!

Jordan Roe