Rider Profile: Sarah Toth

Our friends inspire us, ride with us and help us remember why bikes are so incredible.

Sarah Toth is one of our ambassadors and a long time friend.

Age: 30

Place of Birth/Childhood: Washington D.C./Takoma Park, MD

Current Residence: Laurel, MD

Profession and Educational Background: Management Analyst with the Federal Gov and hope to continue working to serve Veterans. I also earned my M.A. in Criminal Justice.

What bikes do you currently ride, and how many bikes do you have?

Cervelo R2, Ultegra (from Ascent Bicycle Studio)

Quintana Roo, 2013 Lucero, Ultegra (tri bike!) 

What/where is your favorite place or route to ride?

Anywhere in Ellicott City and Garret County, MD

What got you into cycling?

I have close friends and people I admired in college who rode and did triathlons.  Riding was something I had done as a little kid and felt drawn to pick up again as an adult.  There were so many awkward parts about trying to cycle with experienced riders (falling off my bike with clip-ins was always humbling), but I stuck with it! 

Are you involved in other sports, or did you previously participate in other sports?

I’ve performed and coached acrobatic gymnastics for the last 10+ years with the Acro-Airs.  Before that, there was every team sport I could get myself into: basketball, soccer, tennis, cross-country, and probably others I’m forgetting. 

What do you feel is your greatest athletic accomplishment?

Performing halftime shows at the NY Knicks, Washington Wizards as an acrobat was very cool. Completing my first Gran Fondo in Garrett County MD on a bike that was WAY too big for me was validation to keep cycling.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Binge watching Marvel’s Daredevil series with my boyfriend!

What is something unique about yourself that people may not be aware of?

I’ve been a violinist for over 20 years.  Also, I played in a contemporary band that wrote its own music and played gigs throughout the DMV.

Do you have any goals related to cycling, or to other related sports?

Start road racing and get all my girlfriends into cycling ☺

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