Riding to your best potential

Having discomfort issues on the bike? Looking to optimize your comfort level and your riding position? Our Bicycle fit service can optimize your bicycle fit for longer rides, faster times and a more comfortable position. Whether you are a road cyclist, cyclocross rider, a gravel enthusiast, mountain biker or a triathlete, getting a bike fitted to your body type and individual needs is curial for performance.  Our team at Ascent Bicycle team takes the time to adjust your bike's components and enable you to ride faster, further and stronger.   Most sessions takes about 1.5 hours to 2 hours, schedule yours below.


Bicycle Fit: $200 (1.5 – 2 Hours with 2 additional consults)

Trained PT Fit: $350 (2-3 hour with 2 additional consults)


Karyn Dulaney.jpg

Karyn Dulaney, DPT

Is a Doctor of Physical Therapist, bicycle fitter and avid cyclist.  With her unique PT perspective she is able to take your bike fit to the next level. With her extensive field work in Physical Therapy and knowledge about the bio-mechanics in your body, that you’re sure to have the best bike fit in town.