A Well Maintained Bike is a Safe Bike, TAKE IT TO 11!

11-Point Inspection System

Keep your Bicycle running smooth and in great shape with our service department.  Our professionally trained service team is there to repair, upgrade, build or maintain bikes of all makes and models. Every bike that enters the shops receives our 11 point inspection to ensure your ride is safe and ready for any terrain. Book your service today.

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Bike Tune-Up

Your bicycle has moving parts that require adjustments and maintenance schedule. The Ascent Bicycle service team offers tune-ups for every bike in the cycling world. 

Estimated Labor Rate:

·      Kids bike 20” and below: $45*

·      Hybrid / Kids 24” bike: $65*

·      Minor Road / MTB / Advance Hybrid: $85*

·      Major Road / MTB / Advance Hybrid: $120*

·      Overhaul Level 1: $175*

·      Frame up Bicycle build: $250*

*Price subject to change with more involved repair work.



Kids Bike Safety Inspection

Ascent Bicycle knows how vital it is to have a safe bike for that precious rider in your life.  Every time an adult brings in a bike for service we offer a free safety inspection for any children’s bike.  Doesn’t matter if you purchased the bicycle from us or not; your children’s safety is our priority.